Time Magazine ranked Bellingham the ninth most active city in the US

Bellingham was chosen one of the 15 sportiest city in the US by Time Magazine. With its abundant bike lanes, beautiful hiking trails, ocean and lakes, there is no reason to sit in front of TV all day, right? While I'm not a big contributor of this high ranking, I have to say I love living here. It's a blessing to wake up everyday to be surrounded by such a wonderful nature.
I found this map of activeness done by CDC very interesting. The lighter color represents more active lifestyle.

DCD provided via Time magazine

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Bellingham listed among top 10 ‘happiest cities’ in the West

In case you haven't heard, Sunset magazine selected Bellingham as one of the top 10 'happiest cities' in the West in their February issue. Each town makes the list for a different reason and Bellingham is summarized as "a seaside haven 90 miles north of Seattle" with 65 miles of multi-use trails within city limits, plus nearby access to mountains and sea.

Some might question not-much-sun and happiness connection. We have plenty of sun here. They get just a bit scarce in winter.

I love living here for sure. How about you?
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